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Two women doing yoga on Red Original Active MSL paddle boards on a lake
by Luke Green

How To Choose The Perfect SUP Yoga Paddle Board

Can't get enough of SUP yoga? Looking to find a board that will help you perfect your skills? Find the perfect SUP yoga board using the following guide.

Man holding Red Original waterproof pouch
by Alex Clasper

Why A Waterproof Pouch Is The Ultimate Holiday Accessory?

Whether you're planning an action-packed adventure, cultural city break or serene beach retreat, a waterproof pouch is a holiday essential. Find out why. 

Inflatable Paddle Board recalls – But NOT Red Paddle Co
by Jess Davies

Inflatable Paddle Board recalls – But NOT Red Paddle Co

Reassurance from our Founder and CEO – John Hibbard    If you’ve landed on this page, then you’re probably aware of the inflatable paddle board recalls that are currently happening and you may be wondering whether we are...

Plot Your Paddle: Paddle Boarding Safety For Rivers & Estuaries
by Alex Clasper

Plot Your Paddle: Paddle Boarding Safety For Rivers & Estuaries

Paddling in flowing water presents its own set of hazards. Stay safe on rivers and estuaries by remembering to PLOT your paddle. Find out more.

Red Original waterproof cool bag in mustard
by Luke Green

How To Choose A Hiking Backpack: 5 Key Factors To Consider

There are tonnes of hiking backpacks out there. Filter through the noise & choose the best hiking backpack to suit your requirements with our simple guide.

Woman paddling Red Original touring SUP
by Alex Clasper

How Long Should A Paddle Board Paddle Be?

One of the most important questions we get asked at Red Paddle Co is how long should a paddle board paddle be? Find out in this short guide.

Woman paddle boarding wearing Red Original personal floatation device
by Alex Clasper

Do you need a life jacket for paddle boarding?

Safety should be the no.1 priority when stand up paddle boarding, so should you wear a life jacket? We answer key safety FAQs in this handy guide.

Man stood by the sea wearing Red Original waterproof changing robe and swimming goggles
by Luke Green

What Are The Benefits Of Swimming In The Sea?

Sea swimming is a fun activity that's enjoyed by many of us, but what are the benefits of swimming in the sea? Find out in this short guide.

Man wearing head torch in the dark
by Alex Clasper

What Sort Of Light Do You Need For A Night Hike?

A light is one of the most crucial pieces of kit when night hiking. What sort of light is needed for a night hike & how do you choose one? Find out here.