Pro Change EVO’s are a brilliant accessory for a huge number of different sports and activities right the way through from elite sport to spectators. You can easily add your team or club logos to the robes to personalise them, so whether you want to kit out your squad or have an official club robe, you can create something unique and super smart as well as practical.

We have created bespoke designs for a wide number of organisations from The Royal Marines, to Exeter Chiefs Rugby Club, to Tough Mudder and Spartan Obscatle races, to Rockfish restaurants, to Moto Cross teams, to local SUP schools.

All of whom have chosen Pro Change EVO’s due to their premium no-compromise quality, fantastic performance and stylish appearance.

If you wish, you can easily organise adding your own branding to our Pro Change EVO’s. Our robes have the additional benefit of not having a large brand logo on the back, so the scope to personalise and make the robes feel like your own is massive.


Either! Our robes are suitable to be printed on, or you can embroider them.

The robes have an internal zip in the lining under the right armpit which means you can access the inside of the robe and the underside of the outer fabric. Many local print or embroidery shops offer both services so you can discuss your ideas with them to work out what is right for you. 

Generally speaking we would give the following guidance to achieve the best effects for adding logos - 

Heat Press Print

Heat Press Print

Great for larger logos or text and for a high-impact look. It is also slightly easier to add prints to different areas of the robe. If you want to be more experimental – print is the way to go. Print is typically more cost effective than embroidery on a like-for-like basis.



Gives a premium, high-end finish, but works best on smaller logos. Very large areas of embroidery can weigh the fabric down and interfere with it’s lovely drape (as well as being expensive).

Remember with embroidery you are essentially puncturing little holes in it so the fabric needs to be heat-sealed where embroidered so you don’t loose the waterproof element of your robe.