Pressure equals stiffness, stiffness equals a fantastic, authentic paddling experience. To get a good paddling experience you need to inflate your board to at least 15psi as a minimum.

You can only do this if your board is built correctly, is made with the right materials and you have a pump that has the capability to inflate to that pressure without blowing a gasket or taking forever (we’re looking at you electric pumps!) 

There are boards out on the market that suggest a maximum PSI of 12-15 psi. This should be treated as a warning to not exceed that pressure, as they are not strong enough to handle more and might explode – it doesn’t mean that they are boards that work well at a lower pressure. 

Red Paddle Co boards don’t have a maximum pressure on printed on our boards, but you will find they perform best between 15-20psi.



Our patented MSL material can withstand pressures more than 40psi – this is way more than you would ever need in your board.

We coat the thread structure in a layer of adhesive that has been specially formulated to create both a seal and a bonding layer. We then machine laminate a layer of high-density structural PVC to this adhesive layer under controlled conditions – completely innovating the traditional double layer application process.

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The Right Construction

The Right Construction

The rail can be the weakest point on an inflatable board. It is where all layers meet and it’s where air pressure loading is at it’s highest. Our rails (the edges of the board) are made 3 layers thick and most importantly from material that will not stretch.

As you inflate a Red board you are packing the air into a chamber that doesn’t stretch, therefore all the air is being used to create stiffness and rigidity rather than stretching the board into shape and is relatively malleable.

Most other boards are just 1 layer thick. Our 3 layer rail almost completely removes the risk of puncture or material failure, allowing you to use the board with total confidence. You could completely remove the outer rail tapes and the board would be useable. Other boards would deflate immediately if you removed or made a rip in the rail tapes. With only 1 layer your board is susceptible to bulging, being misshapen, and being more likely to leak or explode.


The Titan II Pump

The Titan II Pump

Every Red board comes with our purpose-built Titan II pump. This allows you to get pressure into the board as quickly and as efficiently as possible and makes a large difference to your overall paddling experience.

Simply put, it’s less time pumping and more time paddling.