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6 Reasons Rugby Fans Love The Red Original Changing Robe

Posted by Luke Green

Waterproof changing robes are very  popular amongst water sports enthusiasts, but did you know that they’re also relied upon by rugby fans? The Red Original changing robe is an essential piece of kit that’s loved by rugby fans both on and off the pitch. These are just a few of the reasons why.

Stay Warm & Dry Pre/Post Match

The Red Original changing robe is ideal for keeping you warm before or after a match, when waiting on the sidelines, and in-between training. A soft moisture-wicking fleece lining draws moisture and sweat away from the skin, ensuring you stay fresh and comfortable whilst keeping your muscles warm in-between exercise. Handwarmer pockets provide an additional feature for keeping you warm, whilst the waterproof outer shell and hood provide protection from the rain. The Red Original changing robe is available in a short sleeve or long sleeve design that’s perfect for matches taking place in the colder weather. 

Keep Protected From Bad Weather

There’s no doubt that players will often find themselves having to train and compete in challenging weather conditions (with committed fans braving the elements too!). The Red Original changing robe makes this a whole lot easier, by protecting users from the elements with a range of weatherproofing features. These include a toggled hood construction with a 5 popper wind baffle on the Pro Change Robe EVO, that ensures you stay warm, dry and comfortable, whatever the weather. Our waterproof changing robes are also fitted with chunky YKK zips that keep cold air and moisture out, whilst ensuring you can fasten the robe easily with cold hands. 

Store Kit & Valuables In Waterproof Pockets

Rugby fans love the Red Original changing robe for its functionality both on and off the pitch. Some of the most useful features of the Red Original changing robes are the multiple inner and outer storage pockets. On the Pro Change Robe EVO, this includes a waterproof outer chest pocket, internal zipped mesh pocket and internal underwear pocket. This offers plenty of dry, secure storage for players to carry smaller pieces of kit, such as gumshields, and for spectators to store valuables, such as phone, wallet and keys.

Reduce The Kit Load

The Red Original changing robe is super lightweight, making it easy for rugby players to carry alongside all their other gear. Additionally, the versatility of our waterproof changing robes means they can also help to reduce the amount of other kit required. Specifically, the change robe functions as a long waterproof jacket, as well as helping players to dry off. This reduces the need for bringing excess towels and outer layers, making life a whole lot easier, as well as reducing the amount of weight that needs to be carried to training and on tour.

Change In Comfort & Privacy

Another huge benefit of the Red Original changing robe that rugby players rely on is the comfortable and discreet changing option that it provides. All our waterproof changing robes are built using a generous, oversized design that offers plenty of spacious room for getting changed easily, and the EVO has been designed with a longer length finish for increased discretion. In addition to this, the Red Original changing robe is made using stretch side panels that provide ample space for changing out of kit without any hassle. 

Versatile For Players, Coaches, Match Officials & Spectators

When we say that the Red Original changing robe is loved by rugby fans, we don’t just mean the players. Whilst the robe is an essential piece of kit for players, it’s also incredibly practical for all other participants involved in the sport, including coaches, match officials, and spectators. Aside from being incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear, the weatherproofing features that we’ve mentioned make the Red Original changing robe the perfect piece of kit for keeping you warm and dry on the sidelines. 

For more information on the Red Original changing robe, including guidance on sizing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.