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Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Paddleboarders 2023

Posted by Lydia Burdett

There’s no doubt about it - gift-giving is hard. Knowing where to start can be a real challenge if your loved one hasn’t given any clues away. However, going for a gift related to their favourite hobby is always a good starting point and a surefire way to guarantee that your present will be used in the coming years.

If your friend or family member fancies themselves as a bit of a keen paddleboarder, look no further than something from Red. As the world’s leading paddleboard brand, we’d like to think we’ve got the perfect Christmas gifts for paddleboarders of all abilities. Here are our top ten picks for 2023:

Long Sleeve Recovered Pro Change Robe

Want to guarantee that your gift will really stand out? Look no further than our new and limited edition Long Sleeve Recovered Pro Change Robe for men and women. Combining the top-of-the-range construction of our classic Red Pro Change Robe Evo with a sustainable and colour-block design made from surplus fabric, this gift for paddleboarders is not to be missed this year. The supersoft, moisture-wicking lining is perfect for keeping dry after time in the water and provides a convenient spot for changing out of wet paddling clothes. 

Revolution 3-in-1 Change Parka

If you want your paddleboarding-themed Christmas gift to be part of the recipient’s everyday life then the Revolution 3-in-1 Change Parka is the perfect choice. This Christmas gift for paddleboarders is a really luxurious pick, combining all of the functionality of a totally waterproof and windproof changing robe with a fashion-friendly style and fit. It’s perfect for dog walking, trips to the beach, and keeping comfortable before and after a SUP adventure. Choose from a slick Carbon Black colour or go bold with our fun Nixie Blue design. 

10’6” Ride MSL Inflatable Paddle Board Package

The best gift any paddleboarder could wish for this year is undoubtedly a brand-new SUP. If you’re not familiar with the different types of paddleboard then it’s worth chatting to your loved one first and finding out what kind of paddling they’re really into. If it’s going fast that makes them tick, a Red racing paddleboard could be the ultimate surprise, but if it’s all-day adventures they love most, go for our touring board. Still not sure which board will suit them best? The Red Ride range is the ultimate choice. This one’s our bestselling board for a reason, packed with Red’s famous MSL technology and offering an exceptionally smooth and comfortable ride. It’s a great all-round choice and perfect if you want to surprise your nearest and dearest with the ultimate SUP upgrade this Christmas.

Waterproof Kit Bag

There’s no reason why a practical present can’t be the star under the tree this year. Red’s Waterproof Kit Bag is a truly premium piece of kit for any kind of adventure and a fantastic Christmas gift for paddleboarders. The bag is available in both 40l and 60l capacity and is constructed from our ultra-durable 100% waterproof fabric. Multiple internal storage pockets make it super easy to separate wet gear from dry items post-paddle and the handy, multi-functional bag straps make carrying heavy accessories from shore to the car an absolute breeze. If your friend or family member frequently likes to travel long distances with their SUP or head away on adventurous breaks, this is certainly the perfect gift for them.

Large Microfibre Towel

You can’t go wrong with a handy microfibre towel. Red’s take on this handy piece of kit is incredibly compact and lightweight, yet still offers exceptional absorption so there’s no need to compromise when it comes to drying off. The small size means that our microfibre towel is perfect for transporting between locations and will fit even in a small bag - perfect for drying off quickly after a quick mid-adventure dip.

Silent Air Remover

The concept of our silent air remover might seem a little silly but we promise the paddleboarder in your life will love it! Anybody who has ever used an inflatable paddleboard will be well aware that inflating and deflating your SUP is one of the less exciting parts of the experience. The noise of the air escaping when you’re deflating your board back on the shore is enough to make any of us squirm, but we’ve created this handy bit of kit to transform this necessary process. Precision moulded in Germany, it simply slots onto the air valve of a Red paddleboard and diffuses the initial rush of air for silent and easy deflation.

Titan 2 Pump 

On the subject of innovation, the Titan 2 pump is another fantastic gift for paddleboarders. While the silent air remover makes deflating a board easier than ever, the Titan 2 makes getting to that stage just as easy. It’s the first ever double chamber SUP pump which, in simple terms, means that it cuts the amount of time it takes to inflate a board in half. Wrap this up and pop it under the tree and your loved one will be itching to hit the water and put it to the test straight away. 

Changing Robe Stash Bag

Maybe we’re biased, but one of the reasons that Red changing robes are head and shoulders above the rest is the fact that they are easy to transport. By prioritising lightweight and compact fabrics, all any wearer needs to do is fold up and be on their way. Where better to store a Red changing robe than in one of our Changing Robe Stash Bags? The roll-top closure keeps the changing robe nice and secure and the padded adjustable strap can be clipped onto a paddleboard or another bag for safe and simple carrying. 

Waterproof Dry Pouch

We couldn’t suggest an array of Red bags as great gifts for paddleboarders without also giving our Waterproof Dry Pouch its own mention. This compact bit of kit is a totally waterproof and safe way to store valuables when paddleboarding, with an ArmorTech construction and sturdy YKK Aquaseal zip. Foam lining keeps phones or cameras protected from any bumps and scrapes, allowing full attention to stay on the amazing surroundings.

Dog Buoyancy Aid

There’s no reason why furry friends can’t get in on the festive fun too. If your nearest and dearest enjoys paddleboarding and has a dog, why not help them combine their two loves and go on a very different kind of SUP adventure? Designed to keep dogs comfortable and safe, our dog buoyancy aid is the ultimate way to share the delights of the water with man’s best friend and a hilarious but practical Christmas gift for paddleboarders this year. 

Need more inspiration? Check out our full range of gifts for paddleboarders and don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Red team if you have any questions.